PlayStation 3 owner, Sony may owe you $55

While we are checking google trends about games. We find something interesting. This is about a lawsuits about PlayStation 3. As this is the day that i finally decided to start this game blog as a founder, i will start sharing hottest trends.

To be prank i am not a fan of any game. Maybe someday i would find one. But let us talk first with this trending, hottest, latest trend about PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 3 owners, you may get some extra cash coming to you soon if and only if you have the original one. Get lost for those who have the fake one and don’t attempt to continue reading. Peace kid, maybe you can try though.

PlayStation 3
PlayStation 3

How to claim ? Here’s the possible checklist:

1.) Check it now if you bought a original “Fat” model PlayStation 3 between Nov. 1, 2006, and April 1, 2010.

2.) Also make sure that you buy it from an authorized retailer.

3.) This not limited to one country only.

If you complete the checklist then you’re a member of a class action lawsuit settlement. This regards with Sony disabling the “Other OS” feature. This feature allows users the ability to install Linux.

This is also depends on whether you used the Other OS feature, you’ll get either $55 or $9. Not bad right?

You will get $55 if you can prove you used the other OS feature. Possible requirements also is if you can provide proof of sale and a claim form.

For more details about PlayStation 3 claims please check  otherssettlement

Well good luck for those planning to claim the possible $55 dollars. However, Don’t expect to get paid soon. We need to end this article and will need now to check the possible list of top free games available online.