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Welcome to Free Games Gallery. I will tell you about the Age of Wonders II: The Wizard’s Throne. Dissimilar to in the Age of Wonders, where the player has the choice of expelling their pioneer from the guide, players in the Age of Wonders II play the job of an undying spell-throwing Wizard, who can’t be overhauled, yet in specific conditions can endure being executed. Period of Wonders II is the uncontrollably foreseen spin-off of the honor winning procedure marvel. Conveying a fortifying blend of Empire Building, Role-playing, and Warfare, the Age of Wonders II brings s turn-based system higher than ever.

Gameplay Age Of Wonders

Gameplay Age Of Wonders

Unlike in the Age of Wonders, where the player has the alternative of expelling their pioneer from the guide, players in the Age of Wonders II play the job of an undying spell-throwing Wizard, who can’t be redesigned, yet in specific conditions can endure being killed. Indifference to Age of Wonders, the maps for strategic fights are currently a lot littler. This prompted quicker battle and less moving of units. Likewise rather than its forerunner, when increasing new levels Heroes can never again pick new aptitudes from a rundown of every single accessible ability; rather, the player is compelled to pick one of three offered abilities, contingent upon the Hero’s class.

Magic system

Magic system

In the Age of Wonders, enchantment is utilized through the spell throwing capacities of pioneers and saints, and worldwide spells can be thrown some good ways from the legend; utilization of spells in battle is limited to fights where a saint with spell throwing is available.

Enchantment use in Age of Wonders II utilizes an “area” framework; spells must be thrown inside the space of the throwing wizard, or the area of a unified wizard. Enchantment spaces can cover with one another, and in the straightforward case, are fixated on the Wizard. At the point when a Wizard is available in a Wizard’s Tower, the sweep of the area increments essentially, and furthermore is emanated by other Wizard’s Towers, Magic Relays and Heroes under the influence of the player. Worldwide spells must be thrown by the Wizard, through a spellbook situated in the primary UI; spells can be thrown in battle by either Heroes engaged with the fight, or (gave the fight happens inside their area) the Wizard who controls any gathering which entered the fight

The Wizards

The Other wizard

  • Water: The Jolly Merchant Marinus and The Mysterious Nimue
  • Fire: The Arrogant Yaka and The Seductive Karissa
  • Earth: The Grumpy Fangir and The Solitary Mab

Air: Tempest, Lord of the Skies and Artica, the Ice Queen

  • Life: The Wise Anon and The Ancient Serena

Passing: The Twisted Nekron and Arachna, the Spider Queen

  • Universe: Aged Gabriel


The Age of Wonders games were discharged in a period where most ISPs gave open SMTP servers, not requiring unequivocal verification or any encryption. Nowadays, and since the time of SPAM, those sorts of SMTP servers are uncommon. The improvement of SMTP servers after some time successfully broke the play by email programmed send capacity of the game. Players could, in any case, utilize the manual sending alternative, to utilize their own email customer, however, this included manual dreary activities for each game played.

As of late, however, a gathering of Age of Wonders fans have been cooperating to build up an application to reestablish the programmed send capacity. The Age of Wonders Email Wrapper is a lightweight application that is kept running on a similar PC as the game. It works by copying an open SMTP server and tolerating SMTP demands from the game.

At the point when the game sends an email, it will associate with the Age of Wonders Email Wrapper, as it would a genuine server, to send the email. The Wrapper at that point gets the email and sends it out over the web utilizing a cutting edge SMTP server determined by the client and with whatever validation or encryption is essential.

The Wrapper can likewise download email games from IMAP and POP3 email accounts. So it basically epitomizes the whole Email usefulness of the game

About Age Of Wonders

About Age Of Wonders

Age of Wonders II is the uncontrollably foreseen continuation of the honor winning methodology marvel. Conveying an animating blend of Empire Building, Role-playing, and Warfare, the Age of Wonders II brings s turn-based procedure higher than ever.

Stirred to join a godlike gathering of Wizards in the Circle of Evermore, you should reestablish harmony to a world on the precarious edge of a breakdown.

Key features

  • Explore a world brimming with legendary animals and strange grounds. Assemble a noteworthy power as an almighty Wizard through hazardous dangers and elating difficulties.
  • Direct the destiny of the world from inside your Wizard’s Tower, a transmitter of intensity used to channel your ground-shaking spells.
  • Inundate yourself in an incredible story during a solitary player battle with 20 situations brimming with interest, activity, and anticipation.
  • Rule more than one of 12 particular and races, for example, Elves, Frostings, Draconians, Dwarves, Halflings, Humans, and even the Undead.
  • Overcome your foes with more than 130 one of a kind units, for example, steam guns, carriers, and mammoth riders.
  • Have some expertise in 7 circles of enchantment including Air, Fire, Life, and Death.
  • Enroll the guide of in excess of 30 faithful boss saints who have the one of a kind capacity to use more than 100 powerful antiquities.
  • Research and cast incredible charms, savage battle enchantment, and world adjusting spells.
  • Defy matches in Multiplayer through a LAN or over the Internet for up to 8 players – choices incorporate Play by Email, Hot Seat, and the energizing Simultaneous-Turn System enabling all players to move simultaneously!


  • OS: Windows 95 or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 300+ CPU
  • Memory: 64MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX compatible graphic card
  • Hard Drive: 500MB hard disk

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